Thursday, September 12, 2013


None of us are perfect and before we judge each other we should look at ourselves in the mirror and examine our Christian duties to God, ourselves and others. We should strive daily to incorporate Galatians 5:22-23 in our daily living. Practicing these nine fruits of the spirits in your daily living will allow you to connect deeper with the Holy Spirit. You will begin to recognize what ungodly ways to remove from your life and what Godly ways you may need to strengthen.

We often have no problem loving the people in our path that are doing the things that we want them to do for us, but if one of them offend us we either officially or unofficially make them our enemy and stop showing Godly ways towards them. Although we no longer want people in our circle that have offended us in some way or another Matthew 5:44 tell us how to handle our enemies and haters. My version of this scripture is to pray for your enemies’ deliverance that they may become closer to God. After all God is our creator and knows how to clean us up.

Life events can be like a roller coaster which can be spiritually, emotionally and physically challenging, but count it all joy that if you are living according to the Lord's he will equip you with the tools you will need to help you overcome what life throws at you. Remember our thoughts about how a situation should begin and end are not God's thoughts. So let us all rejoice in the midst of our storms and know God will work it out for the good.

Peace is a condition of your heart. The benefits of accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior will allow you access to peace. No matter what may come your way learn to be content in knowing God will provide.

As Christians we have a responsibility to be loyal and trustworthy to God, ourselves and others.

Let's be quick to Love and Slow anger.

Pastor Sharon D. Megginson

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